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If you are like me, an overgrown kid at times, then this is the perfect way to bring back those childhood years of mud pies and dirty recess fun. This is guaranteed to bring out the kid in you when you take a bit chocolate pudding melts in your mouth.

I shared these with my drawing class and my classmates loved them (and most of us are adults).

These Muddy Delight Chocolate Cupcake Cones are the perfect treat to celebrate summer. If the thought of melted ice cream cones during this summer heat isn't your thing, then these cupcakes cones will be the perfect pick-you-upper. As an additional bonus, you can also freeze these and serve them slightly thawed as a frozen treat to keep you extra sweet.

Step 1: Ingredients

For these cupcake cones you will need:

Chocolate cake mix and the simple ingredients to make it such as oil, eggs, and water

Chocolate pudding mix and milk to make it

Ice cream cones

Gummy Worms


Graham Crackers

Chocolate Rock Candy

I recommend the larger cupcake cones. Like all things food related the size of cones has shrunk over the years and these don't have a high lip and the cupcake spilled over rather than rose up high like the original ones I made 3 years ago with the larger size cones.

If you are not into graham crackers, you can use any other kind of crackers. I suggested in my video to use peanut butter crackers. You can also use brown sugar as well too. If it looks like dirt of sand and is edible, go for it!

Chocolate Rock Candy is hard to find. Walmart used to carry these that looked more like real rocks. Unfortunately, I have yet to find them since 3 years ago. These rock candy I discovered at Pier 1 Imports. Ask for them if you can't find them because this was my second time looing for them and they were not in the traditional candy aisle.

Step 2: Making the Cupcakes

1. Preheat oven to correct temperature. (Usually 350 degrees.)

2. Mix chocolate cake mix according to box.

3. Place an ice cream cone into each cubby in the cupcake baking pan.

4. Add the cake mix into the cones. Make sure to go below the round line. These cones did not have a high lip and so I would suggest to use less than you think as I had some spill-over disaster on some of them. Makes 24 cupcake cones.

5. Bake according to cupcake time. Then pull out and allow to cool completely.

Step 3: Prepping the Gooey and the Dirt

For the gooey chocolate pudding:

1. Add milk and make according to the box.

2. Place in the refrigerator to keep cool.

For the graham cracker dirt:

1. Place a few crackers into a plastic Ziploc.

2. Use a rolling pin to crush the crackers finely.

Step 4: Adding the Gooey Inside and on Top

For the gooey inside:

1. Once the cupcakes cones are completely cooled, bring out the chocolate pudding from the refrigerator.

2. Place a size12 frosting tip into a frosting bag. Cut the bottom corner and add the chocolate pudding by the into the bag. If you don't have a frosting bag, use a small Ziploc bag and cut off one corner.

3. With one hand hold the cupcake cone. In the other hand, push the tip directly into the cupcake and give it a slight squeeze. The cupcake should poof up slightly as the pudding mix goes into the cupcake. Continue this with all the cupcakes.

For the top:

1. Add frosting on top of each cupcake.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Add the worms, chocolate rocks, and the graham cracker crumbs on top to finish off your Muddy Delight Chocolate Cupcake Cones.

If you want a cooler treat, try freezing the cones for up to 30 minutes. The texture is cooler and a bit firmer.

Step 6: Quick Carrier

These cones have a tendency to topple over. So if you want to carry them to a party, you can make a custom carrier like I did.

1. Cut a piece of clean cardboard to over the top of a cake pan.

3. Cut 3 long, round off corner rectangles into the cardboard. Make sure that the width is only as wide as the smaller proportion of the cones.

4. Tape the edges down.

5. Add the cupcake cones in. This carrier was very solid.

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