Mudflap for Bikes





Introduction: Mudflap for Bikes

How to make a mudflap for bicycle fenders (mudguards).

/ Benny

Step 1: Make the Mudflap

- a sheet of plastic ( I have used a piece cut out from a lid )
size depends on fender width, see templates.
- a zip-tie ( use black for weather resistance )


- a sharp knife and a pair of scissors
- a hole puncer
- a drill machine
- printer for the cutting template

Step 1.
- cut out the plastic piece
- print out the PDF cutting template and tape it on the plastic piece
1. for 45 mm fenders:
2. for 60 mm fenders:
3. for 35-60 mm fenders, long plain design:
- make the holes and make a surface mark through the cutting lines with a knife
- remove the template and cut out the piece as shown .

Step 2: Fasten the Mudflap to the Fender

Step 2.
- if your fender lack holes for mud flaps make them with a drill as shown.
- fasten the mudflap with a zip-tie as shown.


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    I will try to do it , very fun and nice to see it on the road !