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I wanted to make something really elegant for Lily this winter, something that you don't see as much nowadays and something that would complete her new coat. I started thinking about old fashion classics which brought me to the hand muff. Two matching pieces would be better than one and thus the ear muffs.

The hand muff is a highly elegant accessory brought to the fashion world in the 16th century. It was originally made from fur, nowadays we have other options to choose from. You can use fake fur or plush. The size is kind of universal, although the muff was made for a child, my normal-sized hands fit in it as well. And thanks to the strap you don't need to think about where to put the muff when you need your hands.

The ear muffs keep the ears warm, looks great and together with the hand muff it is just so elegant!

Both these pieces are fairly easy to make, therefore I put them in one single instructable. I will start with the hand muff and the second part is dedicated to the ear muffs.

Step 1: Material Needed for the Hand Muff

- rectangle 33 x 32 cm - outside fabric (left on the photo) - such as fake fur, I got mine at a fabric leftover store

- rectangle 33 x 32 cm - inside fabric (center on the photo) - plush or other warm material

- rectangle 33 x 32 cm - batting (right on the photo) - I used woolen batting 120 g/m2

- cotton canvas 130 x 20 cm

- 1 strap adjuster and 1 strap rectangle size 2,5 cm

- matching thread

Step 2: Strap for the Muff

Start by making the strap. Cut a strap 130 cm long and 10 cm and then cut a square 10 x 10 cm. Do the following steps with both: fold in half lengthwise and iron. Open, fold the long edges to the center and iron again. Fold lengthwise in half and iron. Stitch the open long side. (photos 1 - 3)

From the square you now have a strap 10 cm long. Pull it through the strap rectangle, fold and stitch about 2 cm from the rectangle. (photo 4)

Now take the longer strap, pull is through the strap adjuster, fold one end and also stitch 2 cm from the adjuster. (photos 5 and 6)

Take the other end of the long strap and pull it through the strap rectangle as shown in the pictures 7 and 8.

Then pull this end also through the strap adjuster. Don't stitch the end, you will later attach is to the muff. (photos 9 and 10)

The strap is done, you can adjust its length. Set it aside. (photo 11)

Step 3: Making Base for the Muff

Now to make the muff. First place the plush on the batting, the plush should be right side up. Stitch all four sides. Place the fur on the plush right side down. That means the right sides of the plush and the fur should be facing each other. Stitch two opposite sides - the longer ones. Turn the piece right side out, the batting should be inside now.

Step 4: Shaping It and Attaching the Strap

Now you need to join the open (unstitched) sides but only the inside ones - the plush and batting. Do not stitch the fur. Pin the edges of the inside layer together as shown in the picture and sew them together. (photos 1 and 2)

Turn the whole muff so that the batting is on the outside and the fur on the other. The fur is wrong side out. (photo 3)

Open the fur and place the strap inside. Pin the ends of the strap to the edge of the fur there where you want the strap to be attached (usually in the corner). (photos 4 and 5)

Pin the edges of the fur and stitch, leaving a 10 cm opening. Now your muff is wrong side out. (photos 6 and 7)

You need to turn it right side out through the opening. It requires patience but don't worry, 10 cm is enough to turn it. Close the opening using the hidden stitch. The warm plush should be on the inside. You muff is done. (photos 8 - 10)

Photos 11 - 13 give you an idea of what the finished muff should look like.

Step 5: Material Needed for the Ear Muffs

- metal base for a headband, standard size and wide between 5 and 10 mm

- stripe 32 x 5 cm - fake fur

- stripe 32 x 4 cm - plush

- 2 circles 9 x 9 cm - fake fur

- 2 circles 9 x 9 cm - plush

- 2 circles 9 x 9 cm - batting, I used woolen batting 120 g/m2

- thread

- glue gun

Step 6: The Head Part

Place both stripes right sides together. Stitch the long sides together about 0,5 cm from the edge and leaving a 5 cm opening on one side. (photos 1 and 2)

Turn the stripe right side up through the opening which you then stitch with the hidden stitch. (photo 3)

Pull the stripe on the metal base. (photo 4)

Step 7: The Ear Part

Now take the circles, place the batting on the wrong side of the plush and stitch the whole circumference. (photos 1 and 2)

Place the fur circle right side on the plush and stitch again the circumference, this time leaving a 3 cm opening. (photo 3)

Turn both circles right sides up. (photo 4)

Step 8: Assembling

Put some hot glue on the ends of the metal headband and put on the circles. Press where the ends of the metal headband are to make the circles stick in place. As you can see, we still have the circles open. (photo 1)

Stitch the edges of the circles and the stripe using the hidden stitch and your headband is done. (photos 2 - 4)

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