Muffin Containment Unit (MCU)

Introduction: Muffin Containment Unit (MCU)

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You've got to carry some muffins (or cupcakes) to someone and keep them upright and present them in a funny way...How do you do it? The MCU.

This was done for a kind of joke but who knows, maybe someone else needs to transport their muffins too.

By the way: the muffins pictured are rhubarb muffins and were very tasty.

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Step 1: As Easy As 1...2...3 But Just 1.

I designed it in Rhino 3D and printed it on an Ultimaker Original. It's pretty straightforwards to print, in fact, this Instructable is basically one step: print the design. You can add a filament change at about 0.6mm into the print in order to achieve the color effect I did where the text is popped out by being a different color. It's a pretty forgiving geometry so you can print at pretty much any setting although 0.2mm works nicely with doing a filament change at 0.6mm height. The two holes near the middle are for sticking thumb and index finger in to pick it up. It's not perfect. Depending on your muffin size you might want to scale the whole thing. Currently the muffin holes are 60mm in diameter.

I hope if it doesn't save your bacon, at least it saves your muffins.

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    3 years ago

    Very cool! You should upload your file so that other can print it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for your comment. I thought I had uploaded the file but apparently not--now it should be there.