Muffler Repair Using a Plug and Clay

Our little pickup truck failed the emissions test. The smog technician said there was no pressure at the exhaust pipe outlet. That was an indication that there was a leak in the exhaust system. Well when I finally got around to inspecting the exhaust plumbing lo and behold there was a hole in the muffler! I went down to the automotive parts store and located a product that they sell for exhaust repairs. It included a chemical paste to be applied to the area to be repaired. Since I am not too fond of using/touching chemicals; I thought what is another way to repair this hole in the muffler? Then I realized that the hole could be plugged. I searched through my hardware bucket and found a nice metal plug. With a little bit of elbow grease the plug fit snugly into the muffler. Furthermore I had some non- toxic polymer clay that I had used in another project. I cleaned the area around the plug and applied this clay to complete this repair. Needless to say, our truck passed the emissions test after this repair!

Image 1 is showing the completed repair.

Image 2 is showing the hole in the muffler.

Image 3 is showing a steel plug/bolt that is compatible with the size of the hole in the muffler. Any short stubby threaded bolt will work.

Image 4 is showing the plug threaded into the muffler.

Image 5 is displaying the polymer clay used to seal around the plug.

End notes:

Small holes in high temperature environments can be plugged and sealed with clay. Clay tiles were used on the space shuttle and withstood re-entry temperatures!

I hope this proof of concept helps someone else repair their muffler or exhaust component.

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