Mug Brownie Made With Hot Chocolate Mix (no Cocoa Powder/eggs)




Introduction: Mug Brownie Made With Hot Chocolate Mix (no Cocoa Powder/eggs)

Hello everyone! I'm back with another food instructable:
Mug Brownie made with Hot Chocolate mix!!!

*Sorry about the pictures. I forgot to take a picture before I let my sister start eating it.

This recipe is pretty simple & it has no egg or cocoa powder.

Hope you enjoy this instructable!!!

Step 1: Ingredients & Materials

- 6 tablespoons Hot Chocolate mix
- 4 tablespoons All-Purpose flour
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
- 2 tablespoons melted butter
- 3 tablespoons water

- A coffee mug
- A fork (for mixing)
- Measuring spoons

Step 2: Mixing

1. Put the flour & Hot Chocolate mix into a mug and stir together well

2. Add the melted butter, water, & vanilla extract to the mug and mix until you don't see any more dry mixture. (Should have consistency of brownie batter)

Step 3: Microwave Then EAT!!!

Put mug in microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.
Should be slightly moist in center.

Add whip cream, ice cream or even both and enjoy!!!

Again I am very sorry about the finished picture. Untill next time peeps



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    2 Discussions

    nice! I tried to make this once but the mug was too small and it spilled over! :-)

    1 reply

    lol. if it makes you feel any better the first time I made one I accidentally put it in the microwave too long and it was so dry!!! lol