Muleta Cross

Introduction: Muleta Cross

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Hello! Thank you for checking my project.

Step 1: Problem

Crutches have poor grip and contact area, especially when tilted, so they slip on ceramic materials and sink into the sand.

Step 2: Solution

Greater contact area allows for more stability on both tiled and sandy soils.

Step 3: ​Just Fit in and That's It!

Designed to lock under pressure. Single piece, 100% plastic.

Step 4: ​Firm and Articulate

The Muleta Cross fitting allows the cradle to be tilted at 30 degrees, which improves movement and allows its surface to always be in contact with the ground.

Step 5: ​Light and Agile

The holes in the sole of the Muleta Cross also facilitate the flow of sand, water and even air. As the support gets lighter, it avoids unnecessary weight and drag at the time of movement. The holes also structure the sole, leaving the piece more resistant.

Step 6: ​Rubbed

Its rubberized texture ensures that the sole does not loosen and stays firm even on wet floors.

Step 7: The Project

On cold, slippery floors or sandy soils, the crutch never seemed firm and safe enough. I once had the opportunity to use it on the beach, in the fine sand. It was neither pleasurable nor practical. This difficulty bothered me, thinking of people who are constantly dependent on their use. Muleta Cross was born from this experience - a project that facilitates the locomotion and gives greater security in any type of floor and ground. To reach the final result, numerous updates have been made, with the aim of improving cost-effectiveness without compromising quality and usability. Such optimizations reduced the initial design value by five times.

3D Model

Step 8: Designed to 3D Printing

It can be printed in 5 hours with a resolution of 0.3 mm and 15% of Infill. You can chose any material you want to print. I recommend a rubbed material or the old and good ABS.

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    12 Discussions

    Que criativo, achei muito útil. Com certeza usaria!

    1 reply

    10 months ago

    Fantástico ! Proporciona uma segurança muito maior ao usuario!

    1 reply

    10 months ago

    Anytime you allow for a larger cross section area, you transfer the load across a larger area and therefore reduce the impact on the surface you are traversing. And that allows you to maneuver in sand and such, a lot easier. Nice design.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your attention to my project. I'm happy for your comment.

    That's a neat design and a great simple fix! :)

    1 reply