Multi 3d Printer Head Carriage


Introduction: Multi 3d Printer Head Carriage

An xcarriage for fdm 3d printers to convert a 3d printer into a multi purpose fabrication tool.

Step 1: Getting the Files to Be Printed

Download the files from the attachment and print them.

Step 2: Purpose of the Objects

The xcarriagefan.stl is the file for the fan mount. The xcarriagebase.stl is the xcarriage with servo autobed leveling mount. The xcarriageplate.stl is a plate that sits on top of the xcarriage. The xcarriagebeltclamp.stl is used to clamp the gt2 belt to the xcarriage.

Step 3: How to Use It?

Multiple of these plates can be created according to the heads to be attached. Magnets is inserted into the slot on the plate and another piece on the xcarriage to secure the plate. Attach the belt clamp.

1. Attach the auto leveling switch to the servo arm.

2. Fix the servo into the base carriage.

3. Attach the fan mount.

4. Add the belt clamp.

5. Insert 4 bearing 2 at each side.

6. Add the green plate with the corresponding heads.

7. Assemble the X carriage into the printer.



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    12 Discussions

    Nice design, but can you please post the rod diameter for the base module. I can't seem to measure it correctly in 123D. I'm new to all this.

    It would be very nice if you share the files for the Z axis modules.

    2 replies

    The outer diameter of the linear bearing should be less than 13mm. You can use any rod diameter that has linear bearing diameter of less than 13mm. The Z axis depends on which printer design you are adopting :)

    I like this, But I cant see any files for the other interchangeable parts

    This is such a great idea! I actually made a plotter one for the printrbot simple.

    Do you have tried on your own printer, can you post pictures ? If i want to use like engraving do i need to use different software? otherwise awesome idea :)

    3 replies

    I am still saving up to get my printer. I found this that allows you to communicate with Marlin. So, you can use both 3d printing(pronterface software) and cnc engraving with this. Not sure how well it works though.

    I'm in the same situation like you , i'm building my own reprap prusa i2 3d printer i orderred half of the parts , but need more money.. i hope that in soon future i'll be able to test this carriages, thanks for sharing this :)

    Sure. No problem. You can give some feedback to me after you tried it out. It will help me to improve on this :)

    Perhaps this is a dumb question, but I'm unfamiliar and genuinely curious... What is the purpose of having interchangeable heads on a 3D printer?

    2 replies


    So that it can be used to perform more things instead of just 3d printing. Lets say I want a plotter, then, i replace the hotend with a pen with a pen plate. I can attached a say 200W motor and turn it to engrave PCB or wood .. etc ;) Hope this answers your question..