Multi-Colored Glass Magnets




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Add a pop of color--or more--to your fridge with this simple magnet project!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

To make these colorful magnets, you will need...

  • glass tile pieces (I'm using pink, yellow, green, and purple)
  • wooden squares
  • glue gun or E6000 glue
  • magnets

Step 2: Add Glass Pieces

First, glue the glass tile pieces on a wooden square and let dry. The colors don't have to be the ones I used; you can use whatever colors you like!

Step 3: Add Magnet (and Flowers)

Finally, just add a magnet to the back and let dry! If you want, like I did here, you can also glue on some flowers for that fun floral effect!

Step 4: Ready to Use!

Now, you can hang up your mementos on the fridge with your newly refurbished glass tile magnets!



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