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Introduction: Multi-Eyeglass Holder/Pouch

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My mother always loses her eyeglasses or misplaces them around the house. When she can't find a good pair she ends up just purchasing another one. Therefore, she has like 10 pairs of eyeglasses all over the house and still has trouble finding them in all the clutter. So, I made her this fabric eyeglass pouch so they will all be in one place. It has five compartments and some are bigger than the others so she can put more than one of the smaller pairs or even put sunglasses in as well because she can't always find those either. It is also hangable so that way she'll always know where it is.

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Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

1. Two different color fabrics. I chose a polka dot one for the outside and a thin purple one for the interior lining. You may want to iron your fabric if it's wrinkly, but I didn't. :)
- Cut two pieces of each that are 14.5" x 8.5".
- Also cut a piece of each in a triangle with a base of 13.5".
- Cut four strips of your main fabric that are 7" x 3". These will be your separators.
2. Needle and thread (I used the same color as my main fabric but you can do a contrasting one if you like it like that.)
3. Sewing machine (I used contrasting thread from my main fabric but you can do the same color as your main fabric. whatever floats your boat.)
4. Scissors
5. 1 square of felt in a matching color. (optional)
6. Button or embellishment (optional)
7. Sew on snap button (optional)
8. Sharpie
9. Ruler or measuring tape
10. Fabric glue

Step 2: Step 1: Sew the Liner to the Main Fabric

First you need to sew a piece of each 14.5" x 8.5" fabric together. Place your liner fabric on top and sew a straight line down 3 sides leaving about half an inch of space all around. Sew three sides except for one of the 14.5" sides. Do the same thing for your other two pieces of 14.5" x 8.5" fabric. Cut off excess fabric.

Step 3: Step 2: Sew the Two Pieces Together

You will now have two pieces of your liner fabric sewn to your main fabric. Put one of the pieces on top, with the liner facing up and the unsewn side to the right on top of the other piece with the main fabric facing up and the unsewn side to the right. Sew straight down leaving half an inch of space to the right of where you sew. Cut off excess fabric.

Step 4: Step 3: Sew on Your Seperators

Now you will be sewing on your separators. Measure 2.5" from the left edge of one of your large main fabric pieces, fold a separator strip in half and sew along the raw edges onto the other fabric leaving about 1/4" of space on either end of the strip. Make sure to use a thread that matches the main fabric (I used a black thread for mine). Do the same thing for the other three strips. Trim any excess fabric. You can make the compartments a little smaller or larger depending on your preference and eyeglass sizes. My pocket sizes from left to right are:
for a total of 13.5" which should now be the length of your future pouch after trimming off excess fabric.

Step 5: Step 4: Complete Your Pouch

Next you will want to sew the left edges of the big pieces of fabric or the main pouch part together.

Then you will need to sew the top of the separators to the inside of the top piece of the main pouch. I hand sewed this because I was not sure how to do it effectively on a machine. Poke your needle and thread in from the top, through the top piece and the top of your separator and then come back up through the top piece. You'll be doing a blanket stitch from the bottom to the top. If you don't know what a blanket stitch is or how to do one, go here:

Once you have done this for all four separators you can sew the right edge of the pouch together on your machine. Now you're done with the main pouch!

Step 6: Step 5: Attach Your Closure Fabric

Now it's time to sew those two triangular pieces together. Sew the shorter sides first, leaving 1/4" of space from the edge. Then you'll want to take the base edge and sew it to the top edge of your pouch. Flip the pouch over to the back with the top to your right and place the triangular piece (liner side up) with the base to the right on top. Sew straight and trim excess.

I also added a sew on snap button but that is optional. It does help if you want to make the pouch portable because you can close it. It's also helpful if you're planning on hanging the pouch somewhere because of the holes in the base part of the button. See pics.

Step 7: Step 6: Adding Embellishments

This step is optional but can turn out pretty cute if your fabric is kinda plain. For mine, I made a flower from felt and a pretty purple button.

For the flower, take your square of felt, draw and cut out 1.5" long petals. I did five petals; you can do more or less. I then arranged them where I wanted them, in this case on the bottom right of the pouch and then glued them in place. Then I hand sewed the button in the middle. Voila!

Step 8: Final Product!

And this is what it looks like opened and closed!

Thanks for reading my instructable. Let me know if you make one:

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