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Introduction: Multi Function Gadget

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  1. In our every day life we need to carry a smartphone with us to perform multiple task but they provide us with many other features as 'excess of everything is harmful' so we often use it for for playing games and chatting it is necessary but not for whole the day .This has made an impact on the upcoming generations .the negative GPA correlation could be explained by the tendency for excessive cellphone use to occur in conjunction with academic i thought of making a device for the children that neither harms their eyesight and nor their academics . It would also help them in their daily lives as provided with ;
  2. calculator
  3. light
  4. counter
  5. clock
  6. laser
  7. mic
  8. speaker (lowest power consumption)

Step 1: Idea and Conceptionalization

As in the above picture u can the various gadgets in a single one .It is easy to use rather than smartphones below . The gadgets are used in our daily lives in studying and utilities and converged into a single device . This one would be the best alternate solution to smartphones.

Step 2: Collecting Material

For this I need ;

  • calculator
  • keypad
  • brain micro controller
  • lasers
  • lights
  • tiny clock
  • and many more.......

Step 3: Basic Design

I need a old calculator circuit board for the breadboard function to make it look geeky and also it is very boring to feel without audio so to improve this I added a speaker with it . Now the problem is how we would connect it to our phone insert one aux cable in phone and in the second one use the first cell as one terminal and the other two away from end and other terminal and this would work properly its working is same as The Tiny BOOM Box. See it and you would surely understand the working principal of it.

Step 4: Joining

  • There were many options for I could use for joining the gadgets to the base board ;
  • solder
  • hot glue
  • wiring
  • quick glue
  • craft glue

But I had chosen the instant/quick glue for this as the craft glue will not stay for long. Wiring would provide loose connections.Hot glue gun I do not own.And solder will also not stay for long time . So, this was the perfect option for this task!

Step 5: Functions

The functions of this can be described above and the l.c.d.we can use for displaying different results . The main feature of this is that we can extent this as much as we want it to be .We can use;

  • arduino
  • raspberry pi
  • attiny 85
  • pic micro controller
  • I've used 328p for this
  • other sensor modules can be used for different applications.

Step 6: Size and Conclusion

It is hardy the same size of iphone 6 plus smaller than my hand and portable to carry . This would be a revolutionary idea for the bright future of the students as well as daily use of adults . It might be liked by you please vote if you like if entered in any contest.

Hope you enjoyed!


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool project! Could you also tape a notebook to the back?