Multi Purpose Bicycle Trailer




This trailer serves several purposes as a trailer hitch cargo tray, bike rack, mono wheel single track trailer, two wheel utility cart.

Step 1: Option 1 - Cargo Tray

This is a standard Harbor Freight Cargo Tray. Two of the aluminum cross members have been removed to make room for the center wheel (mono wheel trailer). Two pieces of angle have been added to each side of the opening to mount the quick release wheel. These are bolted to the cargo tray.

The quick release bicycle mount is added to the to rail of the cargo tray.

The bracket on the other end of the cargo tray is a portion of the hitch mount on the bottom of the cargo tray. The cargo tray in the image shows a full hitch slide - this will be cut into three pieces. Two mounted on the cargo tray to mount on the hitch bar. The third piece use on the from the mount the Bob Trailer fork.

Step 2: Option 2 - Bicycle Rack and Cargo Tray

This image shows how the cargo tray serves as a bike rack and cargo tray.

Step 3: Option 3 - Mono Wheel Single Track Bicycle Trailer

This image shows the Bob Fork and 16 inch quick release wheel attached to the cargo tray. The trailer is attached to the rear axle with a Bob quick release skewer.

Step 4: Option 4 - Mono Wheel Sincle Track Trailer on Trailer Hitch

This is the cargo trailer set up as a mono-wheel bicycle trailer mounted to the trailer hitch bar with a bicycle attached. There is room for gear. Remove the bike and you can access the rear hatch of the car. Load and go and still have room in the car.

Step 5: Option 5 - Two Wheel Heavy Duty Utility Cart

This is the same cargo tray set up as a two wheel trailer with wheelbarrow wheels. The connection bar is a standard bicycle trailer bar with a standard axle attachment.

More information on construction will be added including conversion to a two wheel push cart.



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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea. The Bob Fork rotates vertically around the axle as well right? Does the single wheel Bob trailer setup have advantages over the two wheeled version? It seems like the two wheeled version would be better in terms of stability with a load of cargo.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I won a clone of the Bob trailer. The one wheel trailers are easy to pull and don't wear your legs out. However they can be difficult to load without flipping your bike. I'm using a folding bike with twenty inch wheels and if I angle the bike just right I can put one side of the trailer on the concrete while I strap down my groceries. But when I use my beach cruiser bike, even with the double type of kickstand that lifts your front wheel a bit it is still difficult to load the trailer without flipping the bike. For short trips around town without being challenged by hills I feel that two wheel trailers are better. For longer trips the one wheel units will save you a lot of sweat.


    2 years ago

    If the sidewalls on the trailer are taller than the wheel then you could even carry a 4x8 piece of plywood laying flat on that trailer. It is versatile and well thought out. One could also make that trailer in wood and avoid the harbor freight expense.


    3 years ago

    Very cool. Great job and thanks for sharing.

    I have built some trailers for bikes at one point (see my instructables). This one is creative, versatile and well thought out. Great job.


    1 reply

    I am using two different attachments. on the single track I am using a Bob Fork and a Bob Axle Skewer used on Bob trailers. On the two wheel option I am using a standard side pull trailer arm and axle attachment. Both axle attachments are on the bike at the same time so there is no swapping of the axle attachment when the trailer is switched from a single track to a two wheel trailer.

    It is easier to buy a Bob Fork and ends up in the same price point as and much more solid.stable than trying to manufacture your own; though it could be done.