Multi Purpose Headwear

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MultiPurpose Headwear is a trend nowadays by any means of Surviving the outdoors... with Style!...

but it's not about the style, it's about fitting your needs in order to get out of harms way, using a piece of fabric!.

Step 1: The Materials:

The materials:

A piece of fabric: Micro fiber Polyester



A piece of paper

and a sewing kit

Step 2: The Pattern

Make a pattern on a piece of paper, it's a 14 inch by 12.7 in.

Make two of it as shown in the picture and cut it away using a pair of scissors

now trace the pattern on a piece of paper and cut it using a pair of scissors.

Step 3: The Stitching

Now get the cut out micro fiber polyester and stitch it using the stitches provided on top.

You can choose any stitching you want as long as it holds the micro fiber polyester in place and not moving anywhere then it's fine. I've used Overcasting + whipping stitch in order to hold it in place.

Don't worry about the micro fiber polyester chipping and running of the seam it's densely pack cloth and stretchable too...

Step 4: Now You're Done!

You can do all kinds of stuff using this piece of fabric, just download the picture above showing you all kinds of style using this fabric and get out there and do bring this awesome fabric with you for style and comfort anywhere, everywhere, every time.



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