Multi Purpose Working Stand



Introduction: Multi Purpose Working Stand

I need a helping hand and I did make some before, I modify it and finally I make this complex.

I would like to claim that I only need to clip small electronic components, so, this helping hand is good enough for me.

This complex contain various components that published before, if u are interested, u can search back some of my ibles.

+++++ Lighting +++++++++++++++

First, I would explain the lighting, the "black octopus-like clip" is taken from my broken fish tank light.

I got a piece of universal plate (TAMAYA plastic model), two 1W High power LED, LED driver, 9V battery and a switch to make the lamp.

I also attach a short PVC pipe at the plate which allow the plate connect the clip (can rotate).

Moreover, there is small metal binder clip which can hold a magnifying glass (the angle is adjustable)

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Step 1: Solder Wire

+++++ Solder wire +++++++++++++++

As the base of helping hand, it should be a little bit heavy. Otherwise, it will move or even fall down when clipping somethings. I found some poor quality "LEGO-like" brick which make serve this purpose.

I got a small wooden spool and winding solder wire, cut and inert a disposable chopstick to the wooden spool as a support, using brick to make the holder and maybe u need to drill a small hole...

Step 2: PVC Holder

+++++ PVC holder +++++++++++++++

I drill the brick and screw up a short piece of PVC pipe for holding clips, cutter....

To prevent it moving, I secure the PVC pipe with nylon nut.

I also drill some brick and stack it together as screw-driver, forcep holder.

Step 3: Soldering Paste

++++++ Soldering paste +++++

Maybe u are interested what it is.

I melt some soldering paste and suck it into a syringe for soldering.

Step 4: Small Place for Gadgets

I also using some brick to make a small storage place for my gadgets.

Step 5: Helping Hand

I publish similar things before, this helping hand is made from broken umbrella, clips, PVC pipes.

This time, I use screw and spring to make it tough but also an ability to rotate....

The last photo include a small PVC ring with a hole perfectly for LED soldering....

Step 6: Installing the Lighting

The lighting is heavy and u may want to glue some bricks for secure structure.

I inset two popsicles to make the clip more tight but also server as an arm for holding the helping hand.

Step 7: Bricks Features

U can glue the whole stand as u like but it is interesting and useful if u can let some pieces movable.

It is interesting, useful especially for child....


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