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Introduction: Multi Thickness Book Wall Display

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This innovation is a space saving idea for hanging your favorite multi thickness books on the wall. The book wall display is a one piece idea and can be adjusted to accommodate different thickness books.

Step 1:

First find a thin strip of soft steel about 18 " long X 1" wide X 1/16" thick.

Drill a 1/4" hole in the center at one end.

Bend over the end like the picture shown. Bend it at a right angle about 6" from the bottom. Then bend another right angle upwards about 2". Make a slight curve at the end of the strip. This is to adjust for different thickness books.

Step 2: For Thick Books

Open the right angle bend with the curve outwards for thick books.

open the back cover of the book and slip the book as shown in the picture towards the middle of the book and close the book and slip the hole at the other end on to a screw on the wall.

Step 3: For Thin Books

Squeeze the curved end towards the holder to the thickness of the thin book and open back cover and slip the book towards the middle and close the book.

Slip the hole over the screw on the wall and display your favorite book.



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    I use to do this with a simple wire hanger. You take the middle of the long straight part of the hanger, bend it up to the hook, and bend down the sides at the same time. Then bend out the middle part a little, and a book fits right in with a good grip and two prongs to hold the book. Use the hook to hang the book hanger on a doorknob of the bathroom (for example because that's the only place I get to read anymore and there's no place to lay a book down or would want to). It's quick easy, no tools, and if you already have a hanger it is free.

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    That sounds pretty good SP Riley. Simple, yet functional!

    Like it. Do you have to balance the book in the middle, side to side, and is that tricky? Anyway, I'll know what to do if I ever find a strip of metal like that.

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    Hi Lynnduvall, Its easy to hang the book with this idea. You do have to place the book in the middle. Just remember to open the back cover of the book and slip the holder over the book and close the cover. The wider the strip of metal would be better, but not necessary. Thanks for your question.

    Thanks Jason, Its a simple yet, functional Idea in my opinion.