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What every pocket needs...a Multi Tool

Follow along and make this easy to make multi tool...

M4 to M12 spanner

Hex screwdriver holder socket

Flat screwdriver bit


Set square

Tin opener

Bottle opener...for that well earned beer at the end of a hard working day...

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Step 1: Get Your Bits Together

Only a few materials

1.5mm mild steel sheet 100x150mm piece will make two multi tools, a spare or a present?

Stencils - Sticky backed plastic or paper + glue

Spray paint - optional


General metal working tools -



Metal vice [Vise for our North American friends]

Metal cutting - I used a woodworking fret saw with a metal junior hacksaw blade

Rotary tool with cutting disc, grinding disc, sander bobbin

Drill + drill bits

Scalpel knife to cut out stencils or Silhouette Cameo CNC cutter

Etching tool - Optional see my video on metal etching to make your own one - easy to make

Step 2: Get It Sized Up

Such a little sized tool that can do so much...

...only 75mm long by 40mm wide...

Step 3: Fold the Edge

Clamp 10mm of the metal in the vice...

...and fold over to 90 degrees...use a hammer to make the bend nice and clean

Step 4: Stencil

Print out the PDF file for the outline shapes...

Carefully cut out the shapes...or cut out on a CNC paper cutter for best accuracy if you have use of one.

I like to cut out my stencils on sticky backed plastic, though paper and some glue will work just as well.

Stick the first stencil along the folded edge of the metal.

Step 5: Punch + Drill

Metal punch all of the holes to be drilled... careful with the accuracy of the long row of compass holes so your circles are as accurate as possible.

Drill out the compass holes...I used a 1.5mm drill bit though check with a pencil that you will use that will fit nicely + mark a circle.

Drill out a hole in the hex screwdriver hole, smaller than required to finish off by file.

Step 6: To Spray or Not to Spray?

I then spray painted the metal with white paint...

...and removed the stencils so the stencil wouldn't ruck up when cutting.

In truth probably over kill and cutting to the stencil should be fine.

Step 7: Cut Out the Inner

To cut out the inner of the multi tool I used a woodworking fret saw that I can fix a junior hacksaw metal blade worked suprisingly well.

Due to the metal downturn, cut a piece of MDF to act as spacer while cutting

Drill a large enough hole for the blade through both the metal + MDF block...and attach the blade to the fretsaw.

Cut out the shape

Step 8: Clean Up the Edges

Finish off the inner edges with some metal files, checking the fit of the spanner shape with the appropriate hex nuts...

...until a snug fit is achieved.

File the hex shape to the hex screwdriver holder hole with some small needle files until a hex screwdriver bit fits nicely.

Step 9: Cut Out the Outside

Back to the fretsaw and cut out the outer shape...

...remember to add the slotted screwdriver poky bit to the top of the multi tool

Step 10: Clean Up

Clean the outer edges with some hand files...

...file the flat screwdriver bit end to the required thickness for a screw

Take care that the end is square to the folded over side...

...this will be the set square

Step 11: Etching

I wanted to add the bolt sizes to the spanner and the pricklysaucelogo to my multi tool...

...If you are interested in doing similar then check out my metal etching video to learn how to make your own etcher and how to make some cool etches.

A very steady hand is required to cut out the little 'M' numbers or a Silhouette Cameo CNC paper cutter does it with no effort. Find the stencil on the PDF file.

I won't go into the details of the etching process as the video will explain it all, though happy to make an Instructable in the future if people would be interested, just leave a comment below.

I wanted my etches to be red, so I spray painted them all over red!...before...

Step 12: Cleaning Up

...clean up all the faces of the multi tool...

I used a combination of bench sander and rotary tool with differing sanding polishing attachments...

...I ended up leaving a slightly burnished finish from the rotary tool with a sanding drum attachment...

...catches the light nicely

Step 13: Looking Good!

Step 14: Compass

The compass works by hammering a pin through one of the holes...

...each of the holes is in a multiple of 5mm...

...the last 5 holes along the short end are at 1mm intervals... a range of 1mm to 55mm...

...circles below 5mm are a little difficult to draw in reality.

Place your sharpened pencil in the desired hole and spin around.

Step 15: Hex Screwdriver

A hex screwdriver bit holder slots into the hex hole you filed...

...and the multi tool turns into a fist grip screwdriver.

Step 16: Slotted Screwdriver

The slotted screwdriver bit screws in slotted screws!...

Step 17: Tin Opener

...and pops open tin lids.

Step 18: Set Square

Your nicely squared off end is an accurate set square

Step 19: Spanner

The big central cut out nicely fits hex nuts from M4 to M12 [in x2M steps sizes]

Step 20: Crack Open a Beer

...and after all that work...

...crack open a beer...

...your worth it!


Step 21: So Useful

...Use + Enjoy!

This is a surprisingly easy project that makes such a useful little multi tool...

...I hope you enjoyed it and will make your very own multi tool...

...I am entering this project into the Build a Tool Competition. If you have enjoyed this project, I would really appreciate your vote. Many thanks.

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    35 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Looks very nice, and likely TSA safe. But I was wondering if the steel is soft enough to bend into the right angle, would it be tough enough to make a screwdriver tip from it?

    I will make a version soon though. Probably use bed rail angle.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks Woodclaver - The screwdriver has worked well so far, it would struggle if you were trying to unscrew a really tight screw though works well for an occasional in the pocket tool.

    Check out the comments below on heat treating the metal that I believe will harden the tool, I am new to metal working so I have no experience of this though sounds interesting.

    Post up a picture when you have made one, it would be great to see your results.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks Dream, it has been by far my most popular project so far. I have it in my pocket every day.


    2 years ago

    Super stoked to have won a second prize in the Tools Competition, I will be the proud owner of a Dremel multi tool...I can feel a new project coming on! Big thanks to all of you who supported me.


    2 years ago

    it is AMAZING !!!!! I don't think I could make it (yet) but I would love to have it. LOL tool addict straight ahead. Beautiful job !

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hey GlassGoddess, I hope you get to make one some day. Please let me reassure you that it is quite straight forward, I have only come to working with metal in very recent times and loving what can be achieved...though I don't have a great deal of metal working skill or knowledge.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you Fionaussie, I'm amazed by the response of everyone and really appreciate the support.

    John T MacF Mood

    2 years ago

    I really like your web paqge to, very inventive & well done!

    John T MacF Mood

    2 years ago

    Voted and favorited!

    I love it so much I may make several for gifts to my customers. I sell custom hand made knives and may throw one in to the box with knives people buy. And occasional the holiday gift for good friends.

    And the idea of hardening the steel might be good, if you use the proper steel 01 high carbon is cheap, it hardens easily at pretty well known temperatures, and tempers well. If you harden without tempering, you'll shatter the metal. If you merely anneal it, you'll end up with rounded wrench holes and the like.

    Voted you up, and wanted to send you a note to say I hope you win. One of the finest done Instructables I've read through. And I happen to have a "Cricut" vinyl sticker cutter so mine will be easy to mass produce for gifts.

    You're a crafty guy!


    Reply 2 years ago

    The Talon looks super cool...looks like I have another 10 tools to add to mine!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Meh.. it looks nicer, but it only really has a couple of extra tools - the ruler and the box opener. The ruler and the spanners are double counted. The screw driver position looks better, but yours looks simpler over all, and less likely to go wrong... I think I would probably make it a bit thicker though, and maybe add a box cutter.


    Reply 2 years ago

    sure you could use thicker thicker steel sheet though will take more work to make. In use I found that the 1.5mm thick steel has performed really well.

    I have been thinking about a box cutter and planning to cut and sharpen a little notch in the side of the slotted screwdriver end. Think it could work.


    2 years ago

    Love that spray paint idea with what looked to be sawdust.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    spraying gives a good crisp lime to work to, works really well on difficult to mark materials, check out my skateboard hook Instructable. Sawdust is a great thing to spray onto, just brush away after use. Obviously not good if the spray paint is to be left as a finish as dust may get onto the finished surface, though works well for this


    2 years ago

    There is just one step missing on it, you should do some hardening to it once finished building.