Introduction: Trucks

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This took me a long while, I built a truck in different models and included a new feature with combining 4x4 and steering in one model.

The Models:
Standard Cab (with Plow optional)
Crew Cab
Dodge T Rex *Google Search Images *
King Ranch (Dually)
Monster Tires (4x4)

*Updated 9/14/15. this project is abandoned due to many errors of the 4x4 not working 100%, transmission with reverse and forward switch doesn't stay together, also rear differential doesn't operate when the truck is slimmed short and lifted.



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      could you send me some pics of the undercarrage of the trucks, please

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      I based the design off my f150. just a regular frame holding the body on. it's a poor build decoration sitting on my coffee table with the suspension collapsed from its heavy weight while holding my controllers on the bed. this is the 4 door t-rex w/ Plow I'm showing in the pic, the


      (sry finger hit the send while typing) the frame here is an idea from building bridges and roofs. u may see the patterns from a Walmart ceiling used to hold it's own weight up, except I added an extra layer for reinforcement. this had to be done so it wouldn't sag in the middle.

      ok thank you, and thats a very interesting idea for the frame

      This is pretty cool! Only thing I don't like about k'nex car models is that there are no k'nex wheels big enough to be proportionate with the larger models such as these. Regardless, great job.