Multi-Use Magic Shelf- Qi-Enabled, Embedded Magnets




Introduction: Multi-Use Magic Shelf- Qi-Enabled, Embedded Magnets

This multi-use shelf has an embedded key hanger and a wireless phone charger hidden inside the top. It also has room for anything else you want by your bed.

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Step 1: Cut Your Shelf

First, create the overall shape of your shelf. I chose a minimal form with just two shelves, but feel free to go wild with different shapes and number of shelves.

Cut the boards of your shelf to length. I used Baltic Birch plywood and cut into 5 pieces (1X18", 2X 22", 2X 32" 6"W). Sand them fine.

The back board will be a single layer, while the other two shelves will have two layers so you can embed your wireless charger and to provide enough structural support to your shelf.

Step 2: Embed Your Wireless Charger

IPO wireless chargers are pointless unless they're embedded into furniture creating a sleek and functional experience. An experience that doesn't require you to work directly with a gadget, instead it's an organic and effective experience.

I chose this charger which is compatible with Qi technologies:

Measure and route out the charger into the position desired making room for the wire. Make sure the charger and the wire doesn't stick out from the top. Glue the wire to the charger so it doesn't get pulled out while it's stuck inside your shelf.

Next sand/score the inside of the boards and wood glue them together. You'll need to sand the edges so that hey line up perfectly. I had to re-cut it to remove any imperfections.

Step 3: Route the Rare Earth Magnet Holes Out

Choose the location of the rare earth magnets and route out a spot for them on the backside of the mounting wood.

Next create a mixture of wood glue and saw dust to protect and embed your neodynium magnet in. Apply glue liberally!

Step 4: Build the Shelf!

Before assembling the shelf, make sure you know exactly how the wires are going to be routed. This may require additional holes to hide the wires.

Pre-drill the plywood so you don't split it and put them together with large wood screws. I tried to make all construction features (screws, glue, etc) invisible which made me choose larger-sized screws.

Once together, fill in with wood glue/sawdust in voids. Sand to perfection.

Paint everything and then Shellac to protect.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Charge your phone! Hang your keys! And enjoy!

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    5 years ago on Step 4

    Love the idea of embedding the charger and the magnets.