Multi-Use Pet Toy Using Only a T-Shirt



Introduction: Multi-Use Pet Toy Using Only a T-Shirt

a multi-use pet toy that any pet will love.  Using only an old t-shirt.

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Step 1: Materials

1 ratty old t-shirt ( in he picture it is already cut up)
That is it!

Step 2: Measuring

use a piece of string to measure around your pets neck. then measure the string.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut three strips of t- shirt about two or three inches longer than your pets neck  and one inch wide 

Step 4: Braiding

braid your strips together ( i found it easier to pin the three strips to something (ex. my bed sheets)
then tie a knot on the bottom.

Step 5: Slip Knot

tie a slip knot on the top

Step 6: Collar or Tug Toy?

You can either put the bottom knot in the slip knot and make a collar
You can add another lace to the bottom to create a tug toy 

Step 7: Collar Pictures

sorry about the quality my dogs would not stay still

Step 8: Tug Toy

this can also be used for dogs i just could not get a clean picture

Step 9: Other Applications

This could be used as a leash if made long enough
Attach other toys to the end to make a more interesting toy for your pet (balls, treats, feathers, etc.)

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