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Introduction: Multi-Use Work Shop StorageTable

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For those of you who work in small areas or a single car garage (you know who you are), this is for you. I guess like many, I have a tool fetish (you think so?)and I'm always looking for ways to maximize the work space I have. I stumbled on this idea from browsing the Internet plans for shop storage. It's actually a hybrid of several ideas. Like many of you, I have way too many clamps or maybe not enough, I'm not sure but I needed a way to store my bar clamps out of the way. After much cranial exercising, I drew up this idea so here it is.

It's a basic 2"x3" stud frame with interior storage for plastic tubs, surrounded by 1/4" pegboard to hang stuff. Every surface is used, especially the back for bar clamps (I kept falling over them leaned up against the wall! EVIL CLAMPS!)

Anyway here we go. I have the measured plans in PDF form here to download.

Step 1: Lockable Wheels

Make sure you add some lockable wheels.

Step 2: Those Nasty Bar Clamps

Here you go my prettys. Right where you belong. I cut large slots in sections of 2" pvc pipe to hold the bar clamps. Out of sight but there when you need them.

Step 3: Right Side

Here's the right side standing in front of the table. Lots of different types of clamps. I used peg board hooks but you can use what you like.

Step 4: Left Side

More clamps. We'll that's it. Tell me what you think at

Step 5: PDF of Measured Drawing

In hopes that some of you guys would benefit from my work, here's a PDF file of the measured drawing I did in Visio (I love this app). The measurements are pretty close and it gave me an idea of the construction as I built it. Enjoy!



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    One can never have too many clamps! It looks like you have gained control of yours. Useful 'ible'!

    Thanks for a great cart. I also love Visio. I wonder if you would be willing to post the Visio file. That would let others use the file and mod it for their purposes.

    Ingenious use of pvc pipe.

    This is great! I have a small basement, and I've been wondering what I can do about workspace and storage. This could very will do the trick!

    Great job! . . .And yes, indeed, "I know who I am." My last 'shop' was that portion of the garage which my girlfriend would let me use. I had a roughly similar set-up, only my bench didn't move and consisted mainly of slotted pieces of plywood fitted together, 'coke crate' style, to form 'legs.' I had four free corners in which I stored tool cabinets. (They rolled around, of course. :-) )

    This is very nice! Pity you didn't get it published before the two Craftsman contest deadlines; but great that you've put it up!

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    Awesome ! You should put buggy wheels on that and ride it around :P