Multi Washi Tape Dispenser

Introduction: Multi Washi Tape Dispenser

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This is recycling at it's finest! I also just entered the "Green Contest" here on Instructables .. ✮ So if you like it, vote for me!✮
Okay, so instead of jumbling through over a dozen colors of washi tape to find the right one, I needed to organize them. I ran out of parchment paper one day, and remembered a Pin I saw on Pinterest long ago. Why throw away a perfectly good dispensing tool when I could recycle it? Here ya go, everyone! I hope you have a use for this.. I know I could use a few of 'em!

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Step 1: ✮Stuff Ya Need/Supplies✮

✮Washi tapes
✭Empty parchment paper or aluminum foil roll
✮Scissors or utility/craft knife
✭Duct tape [I used Duck Brand]
✮[optional] Decorative letters to label the finished product

Step 2: ✮Cut Roll Lengthwise/horizontally✮

Okay, you need to put a roll of washi tape next to the roll, and see how much they differ in size. You will need to assure you have a little bit of extra space for the rolls of tape to dispense freely, so don't make the roll the exact size of the tape roll.
I used my heavy duty titanium non-stick scissors at first, but realized that my craft knife cut the time extraordinarily. [pun intended lol?] I had to make the cardboard a bit more pliable, so I unrolled it and rolled it up again. I still had a hard time getting the washi tape roll on the tube, so I ended up cutting approximately one to 1 1/2 inches out of the tube. [see photos 4 and 5]
Once you have the correct size, use a little bit of duck tape to hold the middle together. Then, do the same with the ends. [see photo 6] When you have it held together, use a few long pieces of duck tape to encase the tube.

Step 3: ✮Duck Tape the Outer Box✮

Before going crazy with the duck tape, I have a few suggestions for you to keep in mind.
✮Leave about 1/8 inch below the cutting blade on the box bare [see photo 2]
✮Don't cover the holes in the sides, because you are going to need them to keep the roll in the box as originally intended. [photo 3]
✮Personally, I like the open hole in the top, so I didn't cover it up with duck tape. Instead, I cut notches in it and folded the tape over to line the hole.[see photo 4]

Step 4: ✮Put the Washi Tape Rolls on the Tube!✮

Now, don't just go batshit crazy and start throwing rolls of washi tape on the tube. You need to make sure all of the tape "edges" are facing in the same direction, so they are all dispensed without having to take it all apart when you want a different color and realize that it's upside down or something. I pulled up a small amount of the edges up [see photo 2 ] before adding them to the tube.

Step 5: ✮Replace the Tape-Encased Tube✮

I replaced the tube to the duck tape encased box, and pulled out some tape on each roll so each roll had a "start" on the case/cutting edge.

Step 6: ✮Label Your Creation!✮

I label everything. I should seriously buy stock in the company that makes crafting letters lol.. Anywho, I couldn't resist the urge to add "WASHI TAPE" in both small AND large letters on the top ✬Okay, so I want to show off my creation to anyone who goes into my craft room lol✭
✭I hope you enjoyed this tutorial/Instructable, and hopefully you will make one, too!✮


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    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you! I am always looking for ways to upcycle or recycle things that I can organize and store my crafting supplies, and this is something I have wanting to try anyway =)