Multi-Wrap Infinity Scarf

Introduction: Multi-Wrap Infinity Scarf

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I love, love, love chunky knits. They make any knitting project go faster and keep me warmer than delicate knits. Here's my interpretation of a chunky infinity scarf using my new favorite technique, the drop stitch.

Step 1: Materials Needed

-Chunky yarn of any size in the color of your choosing (I used between 300 and 400 yards, roughly 3-4 skeins) (Note: the yarn in the picture is not the yarn I used for this project. It is merely a stand-in.)
-Circular needles in the size appropriate for your yarn, at least 36 inches in length (but the longer, the better)
-Knitting place marker

Step 2: Cast On

Cast on as many stitches as you can onto your circular needles.

Step 3: Work Pattern

Before joining in the round, place a knitting marker to denote the beginning of each row.
Knit the following pattern, using as much of your yarn as possible:
Rows 1-3, purl all stitches.
Row 4, purl 1 and wrap the yarn around the needle an additional 3 times; repeat until the end of the row.
Row 5, purl 1 and slide the wrapped yarn off the needle; repeat until the end of the row; gently stretch the dropped stitches when finished with the row.
Row 6 onward, repeat Rows 1-5 until almost all the yarn has been used. End the scarf by purling three rows and casting off.

Check out this useful YouTube video for a visual on how to work the drop-stitch technique:

Step 4: How to Wrap

Your new creation can be used as a (1) basic scarf, (2) neck warmer, (3) shawl, and (4) hoodie. Enjoy!!

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