Multi-Zone Programmable Lawn Sprinkler System




Introduction: Multi-Zone Programmable Lawn Sprinkler System

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Introduction: This Instructable was written to demonstrate how to assemble a 2-zone programmable Lawn sprinkler system using Orbit Sprinkler timer and valves. All items can be found at your Local hardware store.

Why this Instructable ? I used to get up early to water my lawn even on weekends, wish I can sleep for a little bit more ;) then I came up with this idea of using Normal hoses to design the sprinkler system. For me it served well over the last 2 years. Where one year it was programmed to run continuously for approx 5 months alternate day cycle and I used to manually turn it off when rained. Other year we had decent rain (did not run continuously) but nothing broke apart. I am planning to use it this year again.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Orbit or any hardware store. Please use similar products if you find them reasonable and cheap. Please pay very close attention to your city codes and also be careful when working with Electricity and wiring and casing (keep these products safe and well tucked inside so they do not short or get wet). I cannot be held responsible for you not taking certain precautions. Also monitor your installation from time to time for hose expansions and bursts. High quality water hoses recommended.

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Step 1: Parts

Parts shown for 2-Zone sprinkler system (expand as needed)
Orbit Sprinkler Valves (2) - 1 Sprinkler valve per zone
Orbit Sprinkler timer Model: 27954 (1) (This timer is a indoor version, please get a outdoor timer model if you want to keep this outside)

3/4" A-665 GH3 - Tapped Hose Adapter (1 per sprinkler )
3/4" A-679 GH6 - Hose Adapter (1)

3/4 inch SCH40 PVC ELBOW 412007 (2)
3/4 inch Tee SCH80 8402-1200(1)
3/4 inch threaded Niple 207013 RMC (4)
Filter Hose washers (2)
Mini Wire connectors
Plumbing Insulation Tape to block leaks
Plastic boxes for holding sprinkler valves and timer (2)
Electric Insulation Tape
22 Guage Wire for Connecting Sprinkler timer to Valves (as desired by your project, but keep
the wiring under 20 feet)
Wire Cutter & Stripper
Blade for cutting Plastic box
Scissors for cutting tape

Step 2: Connect As Shown in the Pictures Above.

First test the Sprinkler valves by directly connecting them to power adapter and making sure they work fine. Connect all the pieces together as shown. Wrap Plumbing tape 2-3 times around the thread. This is to prevent the leaks. If having trouble with PVC Elbows or Tees, Use Metal ones (expensive though). Use Pliers to tighten them, be careful not to break them.

Step 3: Install It in a Box

Install the Sprinkler Valves in the Box and Connect Wires. These wires will connect to the Timer.

Step 4: Connect to Timer and Connect Adapter

The Single End of T will go to the main water supply line and 2 sprinklers will connect to 2 zones of the Water Sprinklers. Read the timer manual on how to program (its very easy). Again, I am using an Indoor timer (Please use good quality connecting wires for outdoor use). For Easy sake I showed timer and sprinkler next to each other but they can should be separated out. The timer and power adapter should be protected from wet weather. Hope you got the idea on how to make one and give it a try.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I certainly admire the project, it looks like a good DIY weekend project. FYI : they make battery powered up to 4 zone waterer that is designed to work with hoses and drip systems (I've been using it in San Diego for 4 years and love it).