Multi-purpose Hand Scupture

I made this for my son to hold his cell phone.  I started with a piece of golden oak 8x8x4.  I traced the outline of my hand using a magic marker and trimmed the excess wood where my wrist would be with a small handsaw.  The detail was achieved using a dremmel and hammer and chisel.  It was sanded by hand and finished using turtle wax and left over leather.

The insert was made using a piece of 3/16 clear plexiglas and a pocket watch (won from an arcade machine).  The hand was carved to hold either a modern cell phone, and when not used to hold the telephone, as a small clock.

A thin piece of leather was used in the groove between the thumb and palm to prevent scratches or damage to the phone.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like this! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!