Multi-purpose Holder From Lotion/Shampoo Bottles




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Do not throw away all empty lotion/Shampoo bottles. Reuse it and make Multi-purpose holders. You can use the holder for charging cell phones or for organizing stuffs like crayons, markers, combs, brushes.

It is easy to make and portable too. So, why are you waiting now! Go and search some empty bottles and make holders for organizing your stuffs.

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Step 1: Things Needed

Empty lotion/Shampoo bottle


Knife/box cutter


Duck tape



Step 2: Peel Stickers and Mark the Bottle

Wash the empty bottle thoroughly and dry it out.

Peel off the stickers. Then decide the height of the holder and mark the bottle with pencil.

Step 3: Cut the Bottle

Using kinfe/box cutter, cut along the marked line and Sand off the rough edges using sand paper.


While cutting the plastic bottle, please be careful. Do not hurt yourself.

Step 4: Decorate It

I used duct tape and cello tape to decorate it (or You can also use acrylics paint to paint some beautiful design/drawing)

Attach a hook to the wall and hang the holder.

Step 5: Holder Is Ready to Organize Your Stuffs.

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