Multi Purpose Toy Hanger for Babies

Introduction: Multi Purpose Toy Hanger for Babies

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Here is a very simple toy hanger I made for my son, somehow the ready made expensive ones you get at the toy store did not appeal to my financial sense and besides, they have very limited creative potential IMHO.

It's made using 1" dia pvc pipes (the kind used for plumbing and not the thin walled electrical casing pipes) and some "T" and "L" joints and without any glue.
I made mine about 2 feet wide by 4 feet long and 2 feet high. The idea was to keep it simple so that when my son outgrows it it can be disassembled and turned into something else he can play with.

Warning: it's time to put away the contraption if your baby starts to nibble at the pipes (starts teething) or tries to topple it over (about 7+ months)

A simple hacksaw blade should be enough to cut the pipes to length or even get it cut at the hardware shop itself if you don't have the tools.
Remember to round and deburr the cut edges with a file and/or sandpaper.
Finally press fit all the pipes into the joints and you're all set. The attached pictures should be self explanatory.

Warning: if you do not use glue, press all the joints together from time to time as they may get loose gradually after a while.

And last but not the least, it's upto your imagination the different other ways you can use this, a few examlpes :
1. use it to put up an adhoc free standing mosquito net anywhere, normally you need hooks on the wall to put up the net.
2. cover the stand with a light cloth and play peek-a-boo.
3. cover the sides as well and it becomes a mini fort.
4. reassemble the pipes for a baby walker (instructable coming soon)
5. drill small holes along the length of the pipes and attach a water hose for some summer fun

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