Multi-row Hanger for Gardening Tools

Introduction: Multi-row Hanger for Gardening Tools

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Having a lot of gardening tools and a small shed are opposites. In order to deal with this spatial scarcity issue it may be tempting to construct a new, bigger shed for storing all tools. Drawback is that this is quite an investment, both in time and money.

This instructable presents a multi-row hanger for gardening tools, which has successfully postponed work for replacing a small shed.

In the initial situation (no pictures available) all gardening tools were standing in line on a short 2 meter (79 inch) long shelf, on a small distance from the ground. As lots of tools were stored next to and on top of each other it wasn't always easy to pick a spade without letting the others fall off. The old design of the short shelf makes it appealing to extend the storage capacity by simply making the shelf longer. Consequently this approach invites to build a larger shed.

However, the problem can also be solved by a completely different design: stacking the tools in the other direction increases the storage density without really needing more space. This configuration is described in this instructable.

In the new situation (see pictures), a high mounted shelf with a number of scores allows overlapping of the hanging tools. Prerequisite is that the tools you want to suspend have a crosspiece handle at the end of the stick, in order to hook it onto the scored shelf. Other tools like rakes can also easily be suspended.

The design of the shelf is explained in more detail in Step 1. Suggestions for sharing benefits from this instructable are provided in Step 2.

Step 1: The Design of the Shelf

Average spade weight ranges from 1.4 to 2.0 kg (3.1 to 4.4 lb). Average rakes appear to be a bit lighter: 0.8 to 1.2 kg (1.8 to 2.6 lb). With a variety of different tools hanging, the shelf load quickly increases to 25 kg (55 lb) or more. The largest part of the forces are led to the backside of the shelf, supported by the shed wall. The front side of the shelf needs to be supported likewise in order to effectively carry the load. The support branches were cut in such a way that they move the shelf a little upwards, thus creating a slight incline towards the back wall, preventing the tools to slide off.

The whole support structure was made from used materials: the board and rail had been used for other purposes before. The supporting sticks were taken from willow trimmings, excellent and cheap construction material.  Using tree branches is optional, any other sticks will do as well. They give a nice look to the support structure, but who'll notice this in a garden shed?

Step 2: License and Sharing Benefits

The concept described in this instructable is made available through a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY,

As stated above, the concept in this instructable has successfully postponed work for replacing a small shed by a larger one. In that sense it already has brought benefits. If those benefits are also experienced by others a small share of them (for example 1% of the estimated avoided investment sum) would be welcomed as a financial contribution. See the author page at for contact details.

Commercial use of the concept described here is possible at no costs provided that the name of the author of this instructable, ‘openproducts’ is mentioned, preferably including a reference to this instructable. For other arrangements send a Private Message through the instructables member page (

If this design infringes any rights then refer to Article 28 in the Terms of Service (

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a beautiful and clever design!

    I wish my tools had those kinds of handles, but this design will work well enough for most of my tools to be stored like your iron rakes. It sure beats buying lots of hardware to store them. Thanks for the tip!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    great idea, and the use of the willow branches adds a nice rustic look to the setup