Multi Screwdriver / Ninja Death Star

When I go up on the roof to fix the AC I usually forget a tool

multi screwdriver

wood or metal 1" x 1" x 1"
super glue or TIG
tool bits (harbor freight $2.97 for 6)

Step 1:

cut wood to desired size ~ 1" x 1"

I used wood because I haven't taken the TIG class yet, but you can do these same steps with metal (use abrasive saw or horizontal band saw instead of a miter saw)

Step 2:

Sand wood remove splinters created by cutting (for metal use a file).

Step 3:

measure size of each tool to determine appropriate bit size (tool shank size may vary).

Step 4:

drill holes in cube to fit tool shanks

Step 5:

super glue tools in holes or TIG tools if using a metal cube

I made it at TechShop



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