Multi-shirt/pant /suit De-wrinkler (steamer)

Introduction: Multi-shirt/pant /suit De-wrinkler (steamer)

Save a lot of time and steam a week's worth of wardrobe in the time it takes for a Monday morning shower. Turn a garment steamer into a multi-garment steamer.

Step 1: Choose 5-8 Shirts You Want Wrinkle Free and Put Them on a Portable Clothing Hanger.

Hang your shirts/pants/suits on a bar. I used a laundry room rolling rack. If you have a walk-in closet use that. My closet was not the best place to demonstrate this, but it might work well for you.

Step 2: Set Your Garment Steamer in Close Proximity to Your Shirts and a Empty Garment Storage Bag.

When I first tried this I used a storage bag for a suit. I found the above box style garment bag for $12 at The Container Store. It allows 5-8 hangers at a time.

Step 3: Place the Shirts in the Plastic Garment Bag Along With the Steam Nozzle.

The steam nozzle works best when suspended on top. I know, heat rises, but if the nozzle is on the bottom then the steam condenses too early. Heat is forced down as the temperature in the confined bag grows within the first 30 seconds or so.

Step 4: Turn on the Steam

Zip up the bag, then turn on the steam. I was steaming some knit and embroidered shirts - they are a bit heavier material and took a five minute steam. T-Shirts and lighter materials are wrinkle free in 2-3 minutes.

Step 5: Make Sure You Are Drained.

Even if you are doing just one batch of shirts you will need to drain the system of condensed water. I used a plastic fish to puncture a hole in the bottom and kept the tail over a bowl to direct and collect the water.

Step 6: Remove Shirts From Garment Bag.

Caution: steam can burn. Wait at least 30 seconds to open the bag. I was surprised at how much steam built up in the vented bag, but that's why this de-wrinkle method works so well.

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    3 years ago

    Great idea! Beats paying $1200 for the LG Styler! Plastic fish is a nice touch, too.... They don't have THAT on the LG...LOL



    Reply 2 years ago

    I know, right!? The plastic fish is the best part! I cracked up when I read this part. Right up my alley. Quirky is king, baby!