Multi-tool Fingernail Saver




This is for anyone who has ever experienced the pain of having one's fingernail basically bent backwards trying to pry open a tightly seated tool from a multi tool.  Ouch!

I recently purchased two little micro multi-tools but upon starting to use them I noticed that the force needed to pull the various tools out was way more than any other multi tool I had used in the past.  So much so that it actually would bend my fingernail back. 

One of the multi tools I was able to fix by simple loosening the 8 torx screws holding it together but the screws on the other multi tool stripped when I tried to loosen it so I came up with this idea.

Simply tie on a small length of alligator clip around the lanyard ring, the kind you get at radioshack, nothing special.

Using the clip, pinch the various tools and pull to get them past the "danger zone" and from there its easy.  

and of course then you always have a way of cliping the tool to your belt or whatever else you can think to do with an aligator clip!

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    Good idea, I've had that trouble with some of mine. Maybe with this it would be even better to take the uncut gator wire, bend it in half, feed the loop though the ring, and pull both ends through and snug it down. Then you have an opening tool, and the added use of a gator wire on your multi tool, which seems fitting as they are a very versatile and often needed tool.