Multi Use Bottle.

This is my multi use bottle that I made using solid works. With this bottle, you can do so much, here's some examples of what you can use it for. 1. you can use it for a vase when you by your new flowers. 2. you can use it for your soda and other drinks but not water, water isn't good enough for this bottle. 3. you have a place to put your cookies when drinking milk, not dipping the cookie in the milk because there's a good chance of it breaking off, and ain't nobody got time for that. 

Step 1: Bottle Being Made.

Here is a look at what the inside of the bottle looks like, I added an extra plane to the bottom for the cookie/ chip holder.

Step 2: Before I Extruded the Part.

This is what my bottle looked like before I extruded it.



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