Multi-use Flexible Cutting Board


Introduction: Multi-use Flexible Cutting Board

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This multi-use cutting board can be used for everything for  in the kitchen, around the campsite, fishing, and for everything else. The boards are totally customizable and useful. They pack nice and save a lot space.

Things you need:
     Flexible cutting boards. 3-pack from Walmart. $5.00
     Hole puncher
     Something to mark with

Step 1: Cutting the Board

You can cut the board any shape you desire [circle, square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, star]. I cut the board so one I could use for camping/backpacking[big one] and one for fishing[small one]. Just take the ruler and figure out what size you want by sliding it along the board. Once you find the size you want mark it withe the cutting board. Once you've done that now you can cut it.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

Round off the corners so that you don't get poked and that it doesn't tear through stuff. If you want to you can make holes near the corners so you can put lanyard or a caribiner on it. Now you got yourself a cutting board for everthing.



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