Multi Use Portable Work Station

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 It rolls up and fits in your pocket or trunk of the car you could make a dozen a fill an tool box or even a bug out bag uses are numerous . For this instructable I used my sculpting and pottery tools But it can be adapted for a almost unlimited amount of uses and used in almost any where it can be worn as an apron tied to an arm or thigh clipped to the wheel in this case attached to a ladder or trash can even attached to the underside of the hood of a car .

 Home depot canvas apron  .77 

 2 inch spring clamps

 staple gun 

 heavy duty staples ( in hindsight it would have been easier to have used light duty )

 needle nose pliers

 magnet if wanted 
 and a block of foam or cardboard
 and whatever tools of supplies you use
 start buy assembling the tools you want to transport and then one at a time place them out in front of you . lay the apron on the foam block insert the first tool snug up a straight edge or a tool on the outside of the apron you want it tight but you also want to get things out give it a little slack and staple next to the tool ,turn over the apron and bend over the staples with the needle nose pliers . If you had the time and skill you could sew this but im no good and sewing so staples works for me. insert the next tool and staple just like the first . make the pockets to fit the items bending staples as you go. when all the tools are in place tie the spring clamps to the sides of the apron unless you want to wear it then just don't use the spring clips . you can staple magnet in the bottom spaces of shorter tools to hold items used most on the outside or sharp items like exacta  blades or such  Roll it up  it stores in small spaces easy to carry and can be attache to most anything for ease of use and quick set up and take down



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