Multi Use Tactical Belt With Bracelet

This is a multi use tactical belt from a recycled tactical sling and old buckles with over 14ft of paracord. (ladder rack weave)

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    The instructions are visual. To make the ladder rack weave the first pictures show you exactly how to weave in order to make the bracelet. the sling is exactly the same as off the riffle with no mods and the buckles all match each other. It is very self explanatory. The very first picture simply shows you tie one end to one buckle then run it to the second buckle and back 2 more times between buckles so you have 2 center strands and two outer... how you tie or melt the ends is your choice and the wrist size is also variable. When you post a instructable on you have the two options for presenting your project. 'step by step instructional' OR what I have done for the simple easy visual project and post visual pictures of the project showing step by step. I feel I am within the boundary's of presentation but I am more than glad to answer any questions someone may have pertaining to the project itself.