Multifunction Biped Arduino Robot

Introduction: Multifunction Biped Arduino Robot


this is cute little arduino robot with multifunction based on arduino,also make it from cutting cardboard,you can make it from 3d printer....

this is controlled by 4servo motor.....

its so cute,it can dance ,walk forward and backward,even it can kick a ball in a lets go,how to make this project easily...

Step 1: Components

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

follow this circuit for easily make this project...

only servo and arduino connection:-

4servo motors have 3wires...

red wire is connect to +5

black wire is connect to gnd

yellow wire is connect to arduino


(left thigh )servo motor is connect to 3pin of arduino

(right thigh)servo motor is connect to 2pin of arduino

(left foot)servo motor is connect to 5pin of arduino

(right foot)servo motor is connect to 4pin of arduino..

thats it....

Step 3: Fix This Robot

see this pic..

4servo motor are used in this project..

so servo motor fix is important in this project.. see this pic..and follow how to connect this 4 servo motors...

Step 4: Uploading Code

here is the code...this code is only for funny dance...

you can also download below....walking biped code and cicking a ball code..

copy the code and paste to arduino.....then compile and upload..



#include <EEPROM.h>
#define N_SERVOS 4

#define EEPROM_TRIM false //Activate for calibration

#define TRIM_RR 18

#define TRIM_RL 18

#define TRIM_YR 26

#define TRIM_YL 18

#define PIN_RR 3

#define PIN_RL 2

#define PIN_YR 4

#define PIN_YL 5

#define INTERVALTIME 10.0 Oscillator servo[N_SERVOS]; void drunk (int tempo);void kickLeft(int tempo);void kickRight(int tempo);void pasitos(int steps, int tempo);void run(int steps, int T=500);void walk(int steps, int T=1000);void backyard(int steps, int T=3000);void moonWalkLeft(int steps, int T=1000);void moonWalkRight(int steps, int T=1000);void crusaito(int steps, int T=1000);void swing(int steps, int T=1000);void upDown(int steps, int tempo);void flapping(int steps, int T=1000); void setup(){ Serial.begin(19200); servo[0].attach(PIN_RR); servo[1].attach(PIN_RL); servo[2].attach(PIN_YR); servo[3].attach(PIN_YL); int trim; if(EEPROM_TRIM){ for(int x=0;x<4;x++){; if(trim>128)trim=trim-256; Serial.print("TRIM "); Serial.print(x); Serial.print(" en "); Serial.println(trim); servo[x].SetTrim(trim); } } else{ servo[0].SetTrim(TRIM_RR); servo[1].SetTrim(TRIM_RL); servo[2].SetTrim(TRIM_YR); servo[3].SetTrim(TRIM_YL); } for(int i=0;i<4;i++) servo[i].SetPosition(90); } // TEMPO: 97 BPMint t=620;double pause=0; void loop() { pasitos(8,t*2); crusaito(1,t); patada(t); delay(t); twist(2,t); twist(3,t/2); upDown(1,t*2); patada(t*2); drunk(t*2); flapping(1,t*2); walk(2,t); walk(1,t*2); backyard(2,t); patada(t*2); flapping(1,t*2); patada(t*2); twist(8,t/2); moonWalkLeft(2,t); crusaito(1,t*2); for(int i=0; i<2 ;i++){ lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); upDown(1,t*2); } saludo(1,t*2); saludo(1,t); delay(t); swing(3,t); for(int i=0;i<4;i++) servo[i].SetPosition(90); delay(t); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t/2); lateral_fuerte(1,t/2); lateral_fuerte(0,t/2); delay(t/2); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t/2); lateral_fuerte(1,t/2); delay(t); pasitos(1,t*2); pasitos(1,t); delay(t/2); pasitos(1,t*2); pasitos(1,t); delay(t/2); crusaito(2,t); crusaito(1,t*2); crusaito(2,t); crusaito(1,t*2); crusaito(2,t); crusaito(1,t*2); upDown(2,t); crusaito(1,t*2); for(int i=0;i<4;i++) servo[i].SetPosition(90); delay(t/2); pasitos(2,t*2); pasitos(2,t); flapping(1,t*2); upDown(2,t); upDown(1,t*2); for (int i=0; i<4; i++){ pasitos(1,t); delay(t); } reverencia1(1,t*4); reverencia2(1,t*4); upDown(1,t); run(2,t/2); patada(t*2); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); upDown(2,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); upDown(2,t); pasitos(4,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); upDown(2,t); patada(t*2); pasitos(2,t); patada(t*2); pasitos(2,t); swing(2,t*2); pasitos(4,t); for (int i=0; i<4; i++){ lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t/2); lateral_fuerte(1,t/2); lateral_fuerte(0,t/2); delay(t/2); } pasitos(6,t); delay(t); pasitos(1,t); delay(t/2); pasitos(3,t); delay(t/2); swing(4,t); twist(2,t/2); delay(t/2); twist(2,t/2); delay(t/2); drunk(t*2); drunk(t/2); drunk(t*2); delay(t/2); walk(1,t); backyard(1,t); servo[0].SetPosition(110); servo[1].SetPosition(130); delay(t); crusaito(3,t); crusaito(1,2*t); upDown(1,t*2); upDown(2,t/2); kickLeft(t/2); kickRight(t/2); moonWalkLeft(1,t*2); moonWalkLeft(2,t); moonWalkRight(1,t*2); moonWalkRight(2,t); walk(4,t); backyard(4,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); walk(2,t); backyard(2,t); pasitos(6,t*2); swing(1,t); upDown(1,t); delay(t); upDown(6,t); delay(t); for (int i=0;i<4;i++){ lateral_fuerte(0,t); lateral_fuerte(1,t); } delay(t); for (int i=0;i<7;i++){ pasitos(2,t); swing(2,t); } pasitos(1,t); crusaito(1,t*2); upDown(1,t); delay(2000); } //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////FUNCIONES DE CONTROL////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void oscillate(int A[N_SERVOS], int O[N_SERVOS], int T, double phase_diff[N_SERVOS]){ for (int i=0; i<4; i++) { servo[i].SetO(O[i]); servo[i].SetA(A[i]); servo[i].SetT(T); servo[i].SetPh(phase_diff[i]); } double ref=millis(); for (double x=ref; x

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////PASOS DE BAILE////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void pasitos(int steps, int tempo){ int move1[4] = {90,120,60,60}; int move2[4] = {90,90,90,90}; int move3[4] = {60,90,120,120}; int move4[4] = {90,90,90,90}; for(int i=0; i

Step 5: Result

so guys ....follow this project of our channel on you tube s_r tronics..

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