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OK, no real step by step instruction build here. Just 3 pictures to show how I made a multimeter stand.

My multimeter doesn't have a stand and after some internet searching (thought I had remembered a stand like this one) but couldn't find it. So from memory I did this with some scrap wood, cutting, and some drilling. I usually/rarely do not do exact measurements for onesie stuff like this. Measurements for your meter are probably different.

The angle I chose for the main board is 55 degrees from the surface it stand on.

However, as you can see I left the wood wide enough to be able to insert the test leads into a couple of holes in the top of the lip that the multimeter is resting on. I also drilled a couple of holes (marked by the green arrows) in the front of the lip so through-hole components can be inserted into those holes to test them. Kinda like the meters that have test holes for transistors. I'm sure many small transistors will not get their leads far apart enough for these test holes.

There is a small wire holding the meter to the wood. That wire does go through a hole in both the board the multimeter is lying on and through the support stand in the back. That is optional of course. I don't expect any body to follow this build to the letter, but decided to share, just a little pay back for all the insights and ideas I have gotten here.

I am thinking it needs a paint job, but we'll see.

One other note the hole for the test lead on the right (red test lead) is drilled so it causes the that test lead to touch the screw holding the lip on the main board. I'm thinking that may not be a bad idea, since now I can probably connect a wire to the screw with a hole connector and switch leads depending on where I what that wire to go. I think it will be easier to clip the occasional alligator clip to the test leads with the leads in their mounting holes as well.



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