Multiple Bicycle Garage Parking




Introduction: Multiple Bicycle Garage Parking


Here is my bicycle garage parking I've made couple years ago.

(I moved the construction outdoors to take bright pictures)

All glued wood will park 4 bikes.

You can built according to your needs.

Just ride your bike front wheel thru it and leave there, it will not roll back.

As I said this is a 2 years old project and I only have the finished version.

Step 1:

Here you can see detailed construction pictures.

Notice, once parked the bike will not roll back and you have also a rack for you helmets and other gear.

Greetings to everyone!





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    5 Discussions

    This is a great looking bike rack!

    And that rock wall is pretty awesome too! Did you build that? :)

    1 reply

    the rock wall is an old construction art from the Azores islands where I live. Literally rock over rock (Basalt).

    what are the dimensions / spacing of the rack?