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Introduction: Finishing Up

Problems were found in this instructable, however the website will not let me fully delete it.



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    10 years ago

    Hello, and welcome to the Instructables community! It's great that you've decided to tell the world about something you've made by publishing an Instructable. We just wanted to let you know that your project still needs a little more work if you want it to be well received on Instructables. Projects that don't include certain basic elements tend not to get the attention that they deserve, and so we'd love for you to check out the list below of what makes a successful Instructable. Successful projects on Instructables include: - clearly written details of a finished project with instruction - as many steps as are necessary to explain your project - clear images that you took of your project for most, if not all of your steps - an intro image - proper spelling and grammar - appropriate cautions or safety considerations I'll give you another opportunity to make any final changes to your project before we publish it. Once you're all set to go, please republish your project and send me a quick comment letting me know that you've made some changes. I'll give it a quick final check to make sure you're on the right path, and then remove this note. Thanks for your submission and we hope to see your project published soon!

    I am sorry, I'd like to be positive and/or constructive. But the "shortcut" you have found is the normal multiplication with its steps mixed. It is not that short.

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    No problem I noticed that after I posted this. I posted it in the summer when my math skills were low:p. For some reaon I do it faster this way though.

    Not just that but I have some real instructables coming up and I wanted to figure out the format/ how to post before I did them. I'm going to try to delete this

    There are several ways and methods of doing this (for instance: 52 X 36 = 1872... Done Mentally! etc). But I don't want this to sound negative, just to open a few doors for you.

    For me, it would be much easier to multiply 36 x 100 then divide that (3600) in half (1800) and add 2x36 (or 72) to it.

    We all think in different ways, and learn in different ways, so being open to a lot of ways to do these problems makes it more certain that you will have a better acceptance of at least ONE methodology presented.

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    I think your method only works for that problem.

    I normally work out how I will do each problem.....for instance, in my head, to take 59 X 41 I can multiply 41 X 6 easily enough 246) then add a 0 on the end to get 2460 then subtract a 41 to get 2419 :-)
    There are several ways to do it....

    I do it that way too, but if you get one of those problems where there is no apparent shortcut, or you are stuck, this is a good method to fall back on. I do you method a bit differently though. I divide by the fraction 1/2 (maybe you do this too) so that if I have a different number I can divide by another fraction if needed. Like 1/4 ore 1/10.

    yes it doesn't matter which is done first, so whichever is easiest for each individual :-)

    "3. Combine the numbers in their appropriate places to form 3254. 3200+54= 3254."

    you need to actually say "add two zeros to your second number, THEN add the first." Using your example, i tried 10x11 and it didn't work right. I added 2 zeros and it worked just fine.

    Just something to make your math completely fool-proof.
    Not being a jerk here, just helping.
    good trick though.

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    Hey no problem, thanks for the help.