IPad Stand

It was hard to read the display on my multitracker   iPad, so I glued together a sturdy 45
degree stand for it out of pine. Muuch better! Now I don't have to lean over the thing.

I stapled a couple pieces of no-slip on the bottom. I didn't stain it, since it's fairly
invisible once you set the device on top. I also wrote on the back which way the switches

Modify this as to size and angle, to suit your preferences.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It is a multiple track recording device which enables a person to layer sounds, such as one layer of guitar, one layer of drums, one layer of bass, two layers of vocals. Essentially an EZ recording studio in a box. :)

    Good idea! It could hold a cookbook, or dictionary, or other large tome. Maybe to hold sheet music? Maybe some person would prefer their laptop at such angle. Hmmmm.... what else?