Mummified Fairy

Introduction: Mummified Fairy

About: Always looking for interesting "projects" and hacks. I create Halloween props for our home haunt and love finding new ways to create cool props.

I thought I would try making the classic mummified fairy gaff. I purchased a Petite Pete skeleton and disassembled it. The Petite Pete has pins in the joints that are easy to take apart. Then I wrapped the pieces with 1/2 mil plastic pieces and used a heat gun to shrink and melt the plastic on to the skeleton. I used the same technique for the wings which are made from silk leaves. After I had the skeleton wrapped, I used a gel stain to give it the color.

I used the pins that were originally in the skeleton to reassemble her. The wings were hot glued to the back of the skeleton and then I mounted her on her stand and a wooden box.

A little moss, some miniature lights, a few twinkle lights, and a dome... and there you have it! This piece will go in our home haunt as a "museum" piece.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Short and sweet instructions,and a well done job,I may have commented on this before,but it deserves it again.Also I saw on a DIY TV show of how to make a ghost under glass,and got in late on it,the ghost looked to be made from cotton wrapped galls,but it was nearly see thru,anyone seen anything like that,I would like to make one if I can find it,and maybe use a,and some LEDs to spook it up a little.