Mummy Suckers

Introduction: Mummy Suckers

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I want to share with you how to make some super cute and simple Mummy Suckers.  They are inexpensive to make and are great for your Halloween party favors.

Step 1: You Will Need

For these suckers you will need: Ribbon, Printed Tags, Scotch tape in a large and small width, Antique Linen Distress Ink, Green Acrylic Paint (I used the color Parakeet), Paint Brush, Plastic Spoons, Suckers (medium size), and a Black Paint Pen. (The ribbon and tags are not shown in this picture)

(The tags that I created to use are pictured here and you are welcome to print them out to use for your suckers.)

Step 2: Painting Your Spoon

First, you need to turn the spoon over and paint green on the top part. This is going to be the face for your mummy. This doesn't have to be a thick layer of paint or perfect.

Step 3: Attaching the Sucker and Wrapping the Spoon

After your paint dries, turn the spoon over and use your large scotch tape to attach the sucker to the spoon. The sucker part will be in the base of the spoon and the stick will be attached to the handle. I used a plain medium sized sucker for these, but you could also use tootsie pops as well.

Now, you will need to take your smaller scotch tape and wrap your spoon up to make your mummy. You will need to wrap it around a few times at the top so that you don't see the spoon through the tape, make sure you cover your sucker up completely, and also leave a small space not covered on the face so you can draw the eyes in later.

Step 4: Inking Your Mummy

Once your mummy is fully wrapped, you will now need it ink it. You will use the antique linen ink to rub over the tape to give it a little bit of an old look. If you can't get it all over the areas you need, you can use your fingers or a q-tip to spread some ink around the tape.

Step 5: Finish Up by Adding a Tag

Now you will need to take the ribbon color of your choice and attach the tag to your mummy.  The tag says "If you dare to unwrap this little mummy, You will find a treat that is very yummy"

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