Mummy Returns

Intro: Mummy Returns

Mummy returns Trick or treat


Chocolate finger sticks - 4 nos.
White cake fondant , Lemon size - 1-2 nos.
Black or dark food color
Paper cuts for decoration only


Take the fondant , add a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until they become soft and of workable consistency.
Lightly dust the work surface for rolling the fondant .
Using rolling pin, roll them into a circle or oval shape or any form where you can cut them into thin strips.
Using a knife (cutlery) , cut them into many strips.
Take a chocolate finger stick and roll them with one by one strip until you cover completely and it looks like a mummy .
Put two dots as eyes on them using black food color.
That's it mummies with a sweet revenge returns to entertain your palate :).



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    You ought to do a step-by-step, you seem to have enough photos.