Munchkin Brand Spout Guard Mod

Introduction: Munchkin Brand Spout Guard Mod

For my sons first birthday he got a Munchkin brand spout guard in the shape of a fire duck.  This duck goes over the bathtub spout so that the baby does not crack his head on the hard, sharp spout. 

After I installed the thing I noticed a problem.  I realized that you could not pull on the diverter to divert the water flow to the shower head.  This is my solution to this issue.

Step 1: Plan of Action

This is the plan.  If you look at this duck you will notice that it has a fire hat.  This hat is on a hinge and can open and close.  Inside there is a little chamber with a small hole at the bottom.  The directions say that this chamber is for soap.  The soap will drip down to the water flow and create the bubbles.  This did not work very well and I prefer to put the soap right in the water anyway. 

The first step is to remove the bottom of the chamber so the diverter can be reached.  I then noticed that there is not enough room to get to the diverter to pull it up.  An idea of attaching a string to the plunger to pull it up and then to use one finger to knock the plunger back down again.  Lets see if this will work.

Step 2: Tools and Parts Needed

The only tool that is needed is your Dremel.  You can use it to cut the bottom of the chamber out.

The only part that will be needed is a string to attach to the diverter.  Dental floss might work best because it works well in water.

Step 3: Cut Out the Floor

You can take your Dremel and drill a pilot hole through the floor of that chamber.  Then with the hole you can use an attachment to cut the floor out. 

Next you need to drill a hole though the top of the ducks hat.  You will need to string the floss through this hole.

Step 4: Attach the String to the Diverter

You can do this step any way you want.  I really do not know what is best but I will go over what is needed.

First take some dental floss.  Make sure you take a lot of it just in case.  If it is mint flavored enjoy the treat and then tie one end of it to the diverter.  Now you can put the duck in place and thread the floss up through the duck and through his hat.  Next you need to tie off the floss some how.  I tied a few knots and then put some hot glue on the knots to stop the floss from going back through the hole.

You need to make sure you use the right amount of floss.  For mine when I open the hat the floss is pulled and the diverter is engaged. 

Test it out and if any adjustments are needed go and make them.  Well that's it.  If you have any other mods that would be good for this I would like to hear them.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Finally, I have always wanted to do this.