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If you got a Munny and love killzone why not make a helghast.  So basically a Munny is a vinyl figure that you can do anything to it, paint, add clay or what ever you want. well i made two of the a small and big one its fun to do and not that complicated.

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Step 1: Items

For this project i used my
some LED light
clay tools
blade or x-acto knife

Also plenty of time cause this will take some time.
Make sure to follow the instructions for the clay some clays can harden in the over or can air dry.

Step 2: Finish

Just paint it and just enjoy you finish product.

Step 3: Have Fun With It

just make things you like its all up to your imagination. As for myself im working on video game characters, killzone, bioshock, little big planet, etc. challenge

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    8 years ago on Introduction
    or your hobby shop i found one in a store called Hasting