Murder of Crows Vigor Bioshock Infinite

Introduction: Murder of Crows Vigor Bioshock Infinite

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Step 1: Attention

This project is nowhere near complete. But with the popularity of my first vigor (to my surprise) I figured I might as well post what I have done with this one so far.

Step 2: Assemble You're Frankenbottle

Since I looked everywhere and could not find a bottle the correct shape, I resorted to piecing together two separate ones. For this I used a French's mustard bottle for the top, and a green works soap bottle for the bottom. I'm sure other kinds and brands would work just as well, but these are what I had on hand.
1)since the mustard bottle widened again at the bottom, I cut it first, making sure to make a straight line across...
2)and then cut the bottom based on that width, making a snug fit into the first piece.
3)the bottom piece tended to slip into the top, so it was necessary to secure it in place which tape and paper mâché the seam in stages. I use a 1:1 flour/water mixture for my paper mâché out of convenience, but there are other recipes that use glue instead.
4) continue to cover the entire bottle, making sure to leave the threads undismayed so that the cap can be replaced
5)paint over the whole thing in a light base coat to form a seal and keep everything in place for the following steps

Step 3: Paper Mâché and Paint

I use a 1:1 mixture of flour and water for my paper mâché. As I worked, I had to fasten the pieces together with tape, as they kept falling into each other. I attached two layers for maximum support and left some tape for that little bit extra, but I doubt that it will come to that.

Step 4: Feathers Around Bottom

Cut out of plastic and glued on

Step 5: Plating

Same as feathers

Step 6: Label and Tag

Step 7: Crows Head Cap

Process currently undetermined
Suggestions would be fantastic

Step 8: Display



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