Murderer in the Shower Prank

Introduction: Murderer in the Shower Prank

Lots of people always check for murderers in the shower. They never expect to actually find one though.

Step 1: Supplies

Find a jumpsuit or something similar, Lots of pillows, a Halloween mask, a small bucket, prop weapon, rubber band, and a t - shirt. 

Step 2: Stuffing

Stuff all of the pillows into the jumpsuit. Be sure to stuff the legs well so it can stand on its own. Or you could figure out another way to keep it up if it can't stand. The blue suit was supposed to be part of an animal costume but it was really big so it is known as the "fat suit".

Step 3: The Head

Put the t - shirt on the suit. Put it in the shower and stand it up. The bucket is for its head. Put the mask on the bucket.

Step 4: The Weapon

Put the rubber band on its arm to attach the prop weapon. Make sure there isn't a pillow sticking out of the sleeve.

Step 5: Last Step

Close the shower curtain and wait for someone to find it. You could add fake blood to make it more suspicious.

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