Murphy Bed With Shelves and Extra Height

Introduction: Murphy Bed With Shelves and Extra Height

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We are building a Murphy bed with extra height. We used to sleep on a storage bed (home made too) and it was extra tall to fit a lot of stuff below. So we got used to sleep like 2 feet above the floor, which is nice.

Special features:
-We have built shelves in behind the bed.
-We made a "head-board" for back rest when reading in the bed. We can flip down this board to access the storage room behind.
-We have made it 2 feet tall.

Let me know what you think :) It still needs some paint - expecially inside the shelving unit.



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    Very neat! Looks great too! I wanted to do the same but what was the total cost for this project?

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    Hi SunnyP The total $1.170 including paint. You can see more on this video:

    i would love to build a murphy bed in my work out room so it can still be used as a guest room when we need it. how did you build this?? a little instruction would be great!

    Why not when the bed is in the storage position, you should put shelves/cabinets there with a sliding lock on it to keep the door shut.

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    We actually just installed some magnets to keep the cabinet doors locked. I think it looks nicer and more simple :)

    Hi Mr.E. Sure! we are finishing up on some drawings of the different elements right now - Check back soon :) Have a nice weekend!

    Need MORE instruction. This is a great idea but how did you do it? I would love to see more please.