Mussel Angel Christmas Ornament

My Grand Mother loved to make Christmas ornaments from scratch.  She made hundreds of different kinds of ornaments for her tree.  One of the ones that I like the most and is the most unique is an angel made with mussel shells.  This instructable will show you how to make a angle out of mussel shells for your tree.

Step 1: Get Some Mussel Shells.

The first step is to get some mussel shells.  If you live by the ocean then this will not be hard nor expensive.  If you are land locked then mussels can be found in the sea food department at any grocery store but they might be a little pricey.  After you buy them, cook them up and enjoy a meal.  Obviously you will want to save the shells.  Try to keep the two shells of the mussel together.  The final product will look nicer and have better symmetry if you keep the shells together.

Step 2: Tools and Parts.

The only tool you will need is a hot glue gun to glue the parts together. 

The parts that are needed can all be found at a craft store.  (You can get your mother or wife to get the parts for you if you are a guy.  I assume that all guys have no knowledge of these stores and are embarrassed to even go in them.)  As I am a guy I do know know the names of the parts but you can see what is needed in the pics below.  You need a little ball for the head, something to make the halo out of like a pipe cleaner, and a paper clip for the hook to hook it onto the tree.

Step 3: The Build (part 1)

To explain the build better in the pic below I have designated the front, back, top and bottom of the shell to better reference how to position them.

First take a pair of shells and hot glue them together in the closed position.  This will be the body of the angel.  You can now put the head on.  The head goes on the top of the shell and you can draw a face on it and point the face to the front of the shells.

Step 4: The Build (Part 2)

Now you can put the wings on the angel.  Take another pair of shells and open them up.  Point them so the top is down.  Place then on the back of the angel like the pic shows.  Make sure to use plenty of hot glue.  You do not want an angel to loose his wings.

Now you can put on the halo and a hook with hot glue.  Attach both to the back of the head with hot glue.

Feel free to add anything to the design and make them your own.  Make sure you have fun and show them off.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Neat little project! Just one comment (if you want people searching to be able to find this) -- the mollusk is spelled "mussel", the stuff you use to lift weights are spelled "muscle". The spell checker can't pick this up for you, because you spelled correctly, just used the wrong word :-)

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