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Mushroom Chair Instruction

While goodwillin one day, I came across a chair made for a boy 2-8 of age. My friends are about to give birth to a baby boy in September so I decide this chair would make a good gift.
The items needed for this project is:
Chair – Goodwill and garage sale is best place to find a unique chair to fix up
Staples gun – lots of staple too
Couple yards of fabric-  I did two different design of fabric. The mushroom print is because the mom likes mushrooms, the brown fabric just looked good with the mushroom print. If you get a chair just like this one, you can have 8 different types of fabric .
Glue gun
Sewing machine.
Music – Got to jam out while having fun
Let’s get started!
Step 1.
Carefully remove the old fabric. The chair fabric is in 8 section. First, start with the wooden pieces on the front side of the arms.  Usually, the pieces is held on by a couple pieces of small nails. Once the wooden front pieces are removed, flip chair over. On the bottom, the fabric is stapled down, start removing the staples by flat head screwdriver and hammer.
Save all the fabric from each section so you can use it to cut out the replacement fabric.  (Take note of where they put staples, so you can make sure all staples won’t be seen when upright. )
Remove the back part of the chair by removing the couple of nails at the base of the chair.
Step 2.
Take each section one at a time and cut out the new fabric, Cut a extra half to full inch on new fabric to give you some room for mistake. (all extra fabric will be able to be hidden away)
*Note- The front top part of the chair and back part of the chair is two different colors of fabric
Next, we need to sew the back piece and front top piece together to make a seam for the very top part of the chair. This step is very easy because the old fabric gives us the curve design we need, all we need to do is take the back piece and lay it on the workstation good side (fabric design side) up. Now Take the front top cushion piece and lay it on top of the back piece. (Make sure the fabric design is facing down). You will notice the curve of each piece of fabric matches up, but the back piece in longer. Sew the curve part of both fabrics together, just make sure to stop when the curve starts becoming straight. Once both pieces are sewn together, turn it front side out.  Put to the side till time to fasten to chair.
Step 3
Break out the staple gun. Start with the cushion. Staple the cushion fabric to the wooden piece tuck under the foam.  Next staple the front side of the chair. (those are the simple ones)
Now, for the side pieces. Lay the fabric over the arm piece and adjust to make sure it covers the whole arm piece and side of chair. Staple the fabric to wood under foam on sit part of chair. Also staple the front (these staples will be covered by the wooden front piece we will put on last) and then pull the fabric toward the bottom, leave just a little slack for when someone sits down on it, staple it to the under part of the chair base.  The rest of the arm piece fabric will be staple on once we put the back piece onto the chair frame base.
Step 4
Time to get the hardest part done,  the back of the chair. At this point the back frame should be removed from the base of the chair. Take the piece of fabric we sewn together and put it over the piece. Staple the front piece of fabric to the wood of the back frame. Place the back frame onto the base of the chair and nail the two frames back together. Now, on the back of the chair staple the sides of the chair fabric to the wood of the back frame (don’t worry about the staples because the back of the chair fabric will cover them up). The fabric on back of the chair gets secure to the chair now. This part will need a glue gun. Take the back fabric and on the side, fold the fabric so the seam on the side is neat. Take the glue gun and glue the sides of the back fabric to the wooden frame. This should cover up the staples from the side and make a nice seam. Now, staple the rest of the back fabric to the bottom of the chair base.
Step 5
Last step. Hammer the front wooden pieces back on. If you have left over fabric, make a pillow. Cut out two square pieces (size really don’t matter) and place them on top of each other with them being inside out. Sew all four sides, but stop about a 2 inches away from the end on the fourth side. Take the pillow and turn it right side out, stuff it with stuffing and sew the last 2 inches by hand to prevent any stuffing from falling out.
The chair is done. It looks awesome, but remember it was meant for little kids so no testing it.
Have fun with the Project.

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