Mushroom Fairy Houses Out of Cute Little Jars




Introduction: Mushroom Fairy Houses Out of Cute Little Jars

Hi, in this instructable I'm going to show you how I made mushroom fairy houses out of cute little jars. It’s a fun weekend project and the creations can be used as candy jars for a candy bar, birthday party, thank you gifts for a baby shower, baby room decoration, piggy bank, jewlery box and so on. I think hand made gifts will always be appreciated.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This is a simple project and you don't need alot of materials. You will use some empty jars, tinfoil, hot glue, white air-dry clay (the one that mentains its size when dry) and watercolors.

Step 2: Shaping the Tinfoil

Think about the shape of your mushroom fairy house. Start shaping some tinfoil into your mushroom’s cap integrating the lid at the bottom. You can add multiple layers of foil untill you get the desired result. Glue the tinfoil cap to the jar’s lid using hot glue (make sure is very hot). This step will help you save clay.

Step 3: Apply Air-dry Clay

Cover the tinfoil shape with a layer of clay and also start shaping the walls, the door and the windows on the jar. You don’t need to pay too much attention to details at this point. Let everything dry. Apply another layer of clay to create textures and details like door handles, roof chimney, stones or any detail that might give your fairy house a unique look. If the clay doesn’t stick to the previous layer I recomand you to water the areas you want to work on. Also keep a water container near by to wet your hands and working utensils when they get sticky. Use water to achieve smooth and shiny surfaces. Sorry there are not many pictures for this step, but you can see the whole process in the next step's video.

Step 4: Paint And...Finished!

Paint the fairy mushroom house in the desired colors. If you use watercolors for this step I recommend you seal them in the end with varnish or regular hair spray. Again I didn't make pictures for this step, my hands were full but check out the whole creation process in the video. Thank you and let me know what you think and ask me anything in the comment section below :)



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    16 Discussions

    Where can I get the clay? What exactly do I look for? These are adorable!

    1 reply

    That was a great video! Thanks.

    We will soon make bigger ones and I think those would be perfect for fairy gardens. I think they can stay outside but you have to make sure you seal the clay with a few layers of yacht varnish

    These are lovely. I look at bile's all the time but this is the first time I actually want to make them.

    1 reply

    looks like fun and is easy. Will share this with my Arboretum group.

    1 reply

    Ibles not bile lol ?

    Ibles not bile lol ?

    I like the idea of filling them with M&M's. I something different. Called them good dream pills for my granddaughter.